Top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Best Decks in 2019

ゆーぎー (I may or may not have used google translate) means YuGiOh

As a YuGiOh! Duel Links player, you and I both strive to have the best decks available to be crowned the King of Games!

There are countless decks to run in this game with so many cards being available to use. But the question is, what are the best decks available in YuGiOh Duel Links?

Well! I have found 10 of the best decks that are not only the top tier in this game but are guaranteed to score you some wins in PVP and against the A.I.! 

Here are the Top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Best Decks in 2019:

10. Legendary Warriors Structured Deck (Best for Joey Wheeler’s “Field of Warriors” skill )

Strengthen your Warriors with the "Fields of the Warriors" Skill! This is the tagline for this structure deck, which is available for purchase after the tutorial. This pre-built deck is a must-have for any begging beginning players who are adopting the Warrior playstyle! 

Why it’s one of the best decks:

  • It was built specifically for Joey Wheeler’s “Field of Warriors” skill; which can be obtained the early game. The skill will boost the power of all the Warrior-type monsters in the deck. 
  • The equip spells, Assault Armor and The A.Forces, are great equip cards and would make excellent additions to other warrior decks. The A.Forces would be beneficial for a Warrior/Spellcaster Hybrid Deck. 
  • Cards like the X-Saber pair and D.D. Warrior are excellent cards to have. The X-Saber monsters give each other a power boosts and the D.D. Warrior can banish itself and any monster it attacks.

Legendary Warriors Full deck information 

Deck Power Rating: 90/100

9. Noble Knights (Best for Skills such as “Balance” and “Reinforcements”)

Truly an underrated deck that any Warrior playstyle player can build and use in Duel Links! These cards can be acquired through packs like Crusader’s Battleground and they’re worth gems you spend. This deck utilizes its monster cards with an impressive ATK level with its the appropriate equip cards that directly correspond with their effects!

Why it’s one of the best decks: 

  • This is another deck that goes well with the Warrior playstyle and for all Joey Wheeler players.
  • This deck can be very useful for any character with skill “Balance”. This skill will help players get the perfect distribution of monster cards and spells. 
  • There aren’t many decks that can counter play it in battle; especially when using the “Balance” skill as you’re guaranteed a good hand at the beginning of the battle. 

> Noble Knights Full deck information

Deck Power Rating: 95/100

8. Dinosaur Kingdom (Best for players who use Rex Raptor/Dinosaur-type monsters players )

Rex Raptor’s Dinosaur Kingdom is an excellent skill in the game, so it makes sense that it would have a deck that can utilize the skill to its fullest potential.

Why it’s one of the best decks:

  • Many of Rex’s monsters have an ATK up to 2000 and some are level 4 monsters! Having these cards in your hand while the Dinosaur Kingdom skill is active could give you powerful monsters before tribute summoning or fusion summoning a monster. 
  • This deck utilizes Rex Raptor’s skill and the cards he obtains by level up.
  • The release of Black Brachios has made this type of deck a great control deck. 

Dinosaur Kingdom Full deck information 

Deck Power Rating: 95/100

7. The White Dragon of Legend (Best for Seto Kaiba’s “Beatdown Skill )

It’s only fitting that the former King of Games would have a great structured deck that will dominate the majority of the game! With his skill “Beatdown”, which boosts the power of Level 5 or higher monsters, this deck was made to utilize that skill and Seto Kaiba’s ace, Blue Eyes White Dragon!

Why it’s one of the best decks:

  • This deck is very powerful early game and easy to attain for Seto Kaiba players.
  • Cosmo Brain is worth buying this deck for it can special summon any powerful normal monster like Blue Eyes by sending an effect monster to the graveyard. This card is worth purchasing the deck itself.
  • This deck is one of the top tier Blue Eyes decks available in the game that’s pre-built! You can add any additional cards to further enhance its capabilities. 

The White Dragon of Legend Full deck information

Deck Power Rating: 95/100

6. Elemental HERO Fusion! (Best for Beginners and Jaden Yuki’s “Where the Heroes Dwell” skill )

Elemental Hero Fusion! is a drastic improvement of HERO Rising, a structure deck for Jaden Yuki. This deck requires you to purchase that deck, Destiny Rulers, and collect additional cards from packs; however, it’s worth the grind. This deck is a great fusion deck for beginners and can be used against high-level A.I. when used properly.

Why it’s one of the best decks:

  • This deck is a great way for beginners to understand the full capabilities of fusion summoning and how easy it is to use when utilized correctly.
  • This is one of the more powerful pre-built decks you can acquire in the game.
  • This deck is great on PVP and against higher level missions against the A.I.

Elemental HERO Fusion Full deck information 

Deck Power Rating: 90/100

5. Dragunity (Best for Beatdown! Skill )

Synchro summoning has become an excellent addition to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links since Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s was added to the game. One of the best synchro summoning decks to build is Dragunity. These cards can equip the Level 3 or lower tuner monsters and special summon them to synchro summon powerful monsters! This archetype deck is one of the greatest things to come from synchro summoning!

Why it’s one of the best decks

  • Being able to equip your lower level Tuner monsters is a great way to utilize synchro summoning, as you can have them in the spell and trap zone until it’s time to synchro summon.
  • This deck can work well Seto Kaiba with his Beatdown! Skill and with any Synchro summoning deck.
  • It’s one of the best Synchro summoning decks available in the game.

Dragunity Full deck information

Deck Power Rating: 95/100

4. Vampire Kingdom (Best for Zombie Players)

A great Zombie deck to use in battle! Utilizing the field skill “The Vampire Kingdom” to swarm the field with countless Vampire archetypes that can send your opponent’s monsters to the graveyard from their deck or utilize life points to have an advantage in battle.

Why it’s one of the best decks (provide reasons in bullet points, 3-5 reasons):

  • Vampire Kingdom is a great field spell for Zombie-type monsters and can target any monster on the field to destroy once a DARK Vampire monster card is sent to the graveyard. 
  • There are many versions of this deck that can utilize the Vampire Kingdom field spell with a skill such as Beatdown! Or Sealed Tomb. 
  • Treacherous Trap Hole is an excellent trap card, being able to destroy two monsters at once. This card is worth running this deck!

Vampire Kingdom Full deck information 

Deck Power Rating: 95/100

3. Masked Heroes (Best for Destiny HERO/Elemental HERO Players )

One of the best HERO decks in the game! Masked Heroes has strong monsters and one card that can change the game: Mask Change! That card alone ranks this deck in the top 5!

Why it’s one of the best decks:

  • Mask Change! You could have a fusion summoned HERO monster attack your opponent, then play Mask Change to have another fusion summoned a monster to attack your opponent!
  • The cards in this deck can work in other HERO decks that are built from scratch or pre-built by the A.I.
  • This deck can possibly one-shot an opponent if Mask Change is in a player’s hand. 

> Masked Heroes Full deck information

Deck Power Rating: 100/100

2. Grandpa’s Cards (Best for Yugi Muto Players )

The all-powerful Exodia is only available with Yugi Muto via his skill “Grandpa’s Card”! Building a deck with this skill is a guaranteed win once all parts have been summoned to the field!

Why it’s one of the best decks:

  • Summoning Exodia gives you an instant win in any battle!
  • A great deck to use in story events and PVP from time to time.
  • Has various deck combinations that can easily summon Exodia.

> Grandpa's Cards Full deck information 

Deck Power Rating: 100/100

1. Koa’ki Meiru (Best for the overall game )

The #1 top tier deck in the game that’s been revitalized by the debut of a new pack called “Revolution Beginning’. It’s indeed a revolution with the new cards that have made this deck the current best deck of 2019!

Why it’s one of the best decks:

  • Diamond Core of Koa’ki Meiru is an excellent spell card that has a great effect that benefits other Koa’ki Meiru monsters. Banishing the spell card will prevent the monster cards from being destroyed in battle!
  • This deck works well with the skill Balance, which guarantees you a strong starting hand. Using this skill will be able to have a play each time.
  • The card Koa’ki Meiru Maximus has the same ATK power as Blue Eyes White Dragon and a great effect which allows you to destroy a card your opponent controls. However, you must sacrifice an “Iron Core of Koa’ki Meiru” or “Koa’ki Meiru” monster to keep it on the field. 

Koa'ki Meiru Full deck information  

Deck Power Rating: 100/100

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