Top 10 PS4 Best Story Games (PS4 Games with The Best Story)

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Oh, the choices you'll make!

Personally, I prefer story driven games. You just feel like your witnessing a novel unfold. These games keep you locked in that way. It's not a never-ending medley of missions and trials. There is a beginning, middle, and end. If you crave this genre as much as I do, this compiled list of games are the ones I feel present the best stories.

10. Gone Home

Gone Home trailer

Speaking on the story of this game, Gone Home exposes the inner fear we all have deep down. What if you returned home, and your family was missing? Set at midnight, this FPG opens with a woman named Kate, on her front porch, returning home after a year studying abroad. A storm’s brewing outside, lightning flickering. But her parents and younger sister aren’t there - and yet, everything seems perfectly normal. Your job is to uncover clues in this insanely large house that could tell you what happened to your family. Leave no stone unturned.

  • I liked how nothing is obvious in this game. Anything could be a clue that leads to an answer to their whereabouts 
  • The feeling of suspense isn’t so heavy that it's unplayable
  • Nothing felt forced in this game. You had options in your choices

"Dear Katie": Seconds into the game, you get the uneasy feeling that something is wrong!

 Happy Family? Nothing is as it seems.

9. Until Dawn

Until Dawn trailer

Quantic Dream’s choice-based game follows a group of teenagers, stranded in a mountain cabin (situated precariously above an abandoned mine) after a series of unfortunate events leaves them literally out in the snow and being hunting by a masked killer. The game switches characters, slowly exposing the identity of the true nature of the beast and answers old questions about the disappearance of twin sisters from a year prior. Friendships are tested; sanity is questioned.

  • The concept of the monsters was well done and original
  • The story wasn’t foreign and it felt like it actually could have been inspired by true events
  • The epic plot twist halfway through the game!

'Can he see me?' Sam is stuck between a rock and a hard place, trying to hide.

Another rock and a hard place! Mike searches for a way out of a mining cave.

8. Marvel's Spiderman

Spiderman trailer

If your nostalgic for the original Spiderman movies with Tobey McGuire, then this game will fill the void. Spiderman is back fighting against some of his old foes and working alongside nemesis Doctor Octopus. After a prison break that leads to their escape, you must take down each of the villains, including Electro, Scorpion, Vulture, and Rhino, before Doctor Octopus releases a bioweapon, originally created as a cure for Harry Osborne, upon New York and infecting everyone. 

  • The graphics were some of the best in 2018!
  • Bringing back original villains in the Spiderverse like Doctor Octopus made the game even more fun
  • The combat combos were so much fun to do! 

Say Cheese Peter Parker!

Don't look down: Spiderman is nearly leveled after being knocked off a building by Li.

7. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn trailer

Robots have taken over the world in this post-post-apocalyptic game. You play as Aloy, a girl with special perceptual abilities pitted against a devious group known as Cultists, who have gained control of the rogue machines. Militarized robots consumed all the earth’s biosphere, leading to all life on the planet dead. Project Zero Dawn was a plan that would help restore life on earth. And Aloy is thrown right in the middle of it.

  • I loved how this was a futuristic game but set during the earth’s rebirth from destruction. Nice to know robots survive it all!
  • The scale of the setting was amazing
  • The game designers did a great job of balancing the mystical aspect of the game with more realistic components – a job many others often fail at.
  • The combat was very easy and controllable

Aloy wields a bow and arrow, channeling some serious Tomb Raider vibes in Horizon Zero Dawn!

Epic shot! Aloy all grown up is ready to take on the world.

6. Life is Strange

Life is Strange trailer

Butterfly effect comes into play here. Players control a high school teenager named Max as she discovers she has the power to rewind time after witnessing a classmate getting shot. She goes back to try and save her, only realizing that every action has a consequence. Max uses her abilities to learn what happened to a friend who’d gone missing, in the process creating alternate universes that threaten to undone everything she cares for. 

  • It’s rare for a game to feel so relatable. So for the characters to be average high school students dealing with the pressure of adolescence made the game more inviting.
  • It was a story about an extraordinary girl. Nothing blew up; there were no epic bloodbaths! It felt very organic and the story plays like a novel narrative 
  • The chaos effect aspect!

A shot heard around the world. Max overlooks as her friend is shot in the bathroom.

Follow the spiders... er - butterflies!

5. Uncharted 2

Uncharted 2 trailer

Uncharted 2 has all the makings of a great game. Here, Nathan is convinced to find a Venetian lamp that dates back to Marco Polo’s voyage from China in 1292. Nathan is brought face to face with his old girlfriend, who urges him to steal the lamp and run away with her instead. But Nathan is ultimately double-crossed and winds up in prison. But when he learns that the treasure is still within his grasp, he doesn’t back down in going after it.

  • I felt like this game had it all! Great shots, good graphics for the time, even an epic love triangle. Even the trailer felt like a movie promo!
  • Naughty Dog never fails to impress with the awesome adventures that the Drakes go on. Whether it's Sir Francis Drake or Marco Polo, they find a way to teach a history lesson while entertaining! Classic!
  • I love that it brought back old characters. That definitely added another layer to the story and in Nathan’s decision making.

Bob and weave, Nathan!

Nathan, Chloe, and Elena. Hell Hath No Fury Like a Love Triangle!

4. Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 trailer

The final installment of Uncharted leaves you wanting and praying there will be another. Nathan is brought back into the treasure hunting business by his brother, Sam, who he’s believed to be dead for years after being shot during a prison escape. In order to help his brother to have freedom, at last, Nathan must find a hidden pirate treasure in Madagascar worth millions before rival enemies do.

  • The ending was probably one of the best I’ve seen for a game in a long time. (I don’t know about yall, but I’m gonna be writing letters to Naughty Dog every day, begging for a fifth game!).
  • Graphics rivaled even that of Spiderman and Detroit Become Human. Beautiful to witness.
  • The dialogue between Nathan and Sam was so organic and didn’t at all feel forced. 
  • That fact that it was a ‘brush off the cobwebs’ type story, bringing Nathan back into the treasure hunting business even though he’s settled down, did wonders for the story!

Entering the Ruins. Nathan and Sam have discovered a lost civilization.

The boys have unlocked some mystic puzzle on their trek!

3. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 trailer

The character Ethan receives a strange message from his missing wife that leads him to an abandoned house. In this FPG, you must navigate through the unknown bayou of a Louisiana home that’s under the control of a sinister presence, holding hostage Ethan’s wife and the family that lives there. But there is little to no escape from her as the house dubs as a labyrinth of mystique and rot.

  • Making this game in the first person was the best choice. Those jump scares were so unforgiving! 
  • You think you know what you’re walking into until the story continues to zigzag, leaving you wanting more!
  • Nowhere is safe! I love games that back you into a corner.

 Are you scared yet?

How about now?

2. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human trailer 

(There’s so much I can say about this game!). Arguably Quantic Dream’s best game, androids now flourish in this futuristic Detroit. Players switch between three android characters as they must choose between obeying standard android law or defying their orders and become deviants. Deviants are put down. But as you play, you realize that there staying within the lines is worse.

  • The graphics were otherworldly! 
  • The narrative of an oppressed group seeking equality and justice made it all the more relatable
  • The characters, even the bad ones, were very three dimensional. You had no trouble relating to them and feeling for them, hoping they survive
  • The quick time choices kept the pressure on and kept you on your toes

Targets located!

Shots fired, over.

1. The Last of Us

The Last of Us trailer

Now in a remastered version, the story of Joel and Ellie just got a lot brighter! Joel is a scruffy survivor of a deadly virus that has affected basically the entire human population. It also led to the death of his young daughter, transforming him into the hard man he is almost twenty years later. Players meet Ellie, who has an antidote in her blood against the virus and is tasked with escorting her to the Capital to a rogue militia group known as the Fireflies. 

  • The story of a man looking for redemption after losing a loved one goes over nicely in this game. It didn’t feel overused or overdone. 
  • The originality of the infected; they weren’t just average brain eating zombies!
  • The expanse of the game made it you feel like what was only a mile away could easily take days to get to keep me coming back for more!
  • Naughty Dog graphics and gameplay! Nuff said. 

People run to safety as the city is engulfed in flames

Hey, look! It's Geoffrey!

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